running.COACH for coaches

Are you a running coach and write training plans for runners? We are happy to support you with our new coaching function.

As a coach you have many different tasks

  • Joint seasonal planning, incl. determination of seasonal goals
  • Writing the training plan
  • Motivating athletes
  • Tracking progress
  • Helping with advice and support, especially when things don’t go as planned
  • Consultation in questions concerning materials, nutrition, health, physiology and psychology
  • Giving tips for the optimal competition
  • Accompanying athletes while training
  • Carry out technical training
  • Etc.

We support you as a running coach with the new running.COACH coaching function

  • You define the season and intermediate goals together with the athlete and enter them in running.COACH
  • running.COACH plans the daily training according to these goals
  • As a coach you can adjust and move training
  • Future and past training can be commented on with the comment function
  • An overview page about the upcoming competitions of the athletes helps the coach to keep track of everything
  • Notes can be recorded for each athlete, which can be retrieved anytime and anywhere
  • Further functions are in the pipeline

How does coaching with running.COACH work?

Your runners get a running.COACH subscription. You contact us, inform us about your athletes and we give you access to the coaching function. There you will find a list of all users, where you are assigned as coach.

Via you can then log in and manage your athletes.

The runners are listed in the logged in area.

Under “Notes” you can create coaching notes for each individual runner. These notes are only for you, so that you can save notes for yourself after a meeting or training. This way you can also track your coaching activities retroactively. Under “View” you will find administrative information about the individual runners. With “Login” you will automatically enter the running.COACH training plan and see the current plan of your runner as well as the training settings and statistics. There you can move, add, remove or comment on training at any time.

Overview of the training plan – single training can be moved, added, removed or commented. The training with a coach comment are specially marked to the athlete with the coach symbol.

If you want to change the intensity of a training, you can use the arrow to make the training more intensive or the – to make the training less intense.

On the far left is the plus and minus sign, with which the intensity can be adjusted.

As a coach you also have the possibility to add a comment before or after each training or competition. The comment can be entered in the right sidebar.

As a coach you can create a comment before or after.

The runner can see the additional comments in his training plan. Furthermore, after the training he can create a comment on the respective training himself and thus provide additional information which optimizes the exchange and thus the coaching.

View of the coach comment for the athlete/athlete

The coaching functionalities are free of charge. Prerequisite is a running.COACH account and a running.COACH subscription for all coached runners. Are you interested in the coaching platform? Then get in touch with us:

For schools we have a special offer

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