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1 year of viRACE – virtual runs and challenges

The plans for an app for virtual runs and challenges have long been in the works, but the project was repeatedly postponed due to other developments. Then, in March 2020, everything suddenly happened very quickly. The pandemic and the accompanying strict regulations of the authorities changed the situation dramatically, so that the implementation of the app was assigned the highest priority all at once. A little more than a year later, we would like to take this opportunity to provide a brief update on functions and data.

Functions and Features

Many different approaches to virtual runs and other challenges have been established in the past year. However, the functionality that makes viRACE unique has been integrated as a core function since the first test: The live updates regarding intermediate results of your own race, as well as information about the intermediate results of friends.

However, many other functions have evolved or changed. A few core functions in the overview:

  • Competition mode
    While in the beginning it was only possible to start at a fixed time, there is now also the possibility for the organizers to allow the start over a longer period of time. The organizers also have the option to run a race on the original course. Runners can complete this using the app at a time of their choosing.
  • Audio entertainment
    In the basic version, only static text-to-speech announcements were possible. Now the announcements can be customized for each event and audio files (mp3) can also be played.
  • Other features that the app has gained since the beginning:
    • Possibility to generate finisher certificates and bib numbers.
    • Possibility for organizers to run “closed” events (using codes or start list import)
    • The website through which one can view personal results and register for events.
    • Possibility to participate via data import from GPX or Fit files
    • Possibility for organizers to create a paid registration for e.g. sponsor runs or charity events
    • Possibility to automatically draw prizes among all participants. At the weekly Run N’ Win 5km race, for example, 20 gift cards worth 50 CHF each are raffled off among all finishers.

Facts and figures

Since the launch of the app, important milestones have been reached not only in terms of features, but also in terms of number of users, kilometers covered and other areas:

  • Number of starts at events
  • Number of different nations the runners come from
  • Number of kilometers covered
    over 700,000 km
  • Number of hours ran in viRACE
  • Well-known events / partners with whom viRACE has cooperated
    Berlin Marathon, Grand Prix of Bern, Munich Marathon, Graz Marathon, Marathon Club Portugal
  • Well-known personalities who have already recorded a message for a viRACE event
    Eliud Kipchoge, Sting, Alan Shearer, Viktor Röthlin, Paula Radcliffe, Rainer Maria Salzgeber

Questions and feedback?

We will be happy to answer any questions about how the event works or provide feedback via email:

If you had technical problems in the past, this page can help you.


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