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Summertime is holiday time. As well as running time? There are probably two types of people: some use their spare time to excessively dedicate themselves to training. However, there surely are those amongst you, who, once on holiday, take a break from training as well, even if they are actually training for a goal set up for autumn. 

The reasons and excuses for refraining from training during summer/holiday time are manifold: day trips, a day by the outdoor pool, a barbecue in the evening, travelling, lack of a suitable running course on holidays, and many more. Here are some pieces of “run-this-summer” advice, showing you how to combine holidays with running training: a win-win situation.

No matter if you are a summer training champion or if you always find excuses for postponing running sessions by one, two or several days-  document your summer-running moments and share them with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or send them to us by e-mail.

You can win 3 Polar Bluetooth heart rate belts, 1 Salomon running backpack, 3 mini band sets, 3 Running.COACH sets and 4 Bronze Subscriptions (2x 3 months and 2x 6 months).

You can find all information on the photo campaign #runthissummer below.

Run-this-summer advice

  • Take advantage of the fact that summer is the brightest time of the year and run early in the morning, before breakfast, if possible: The feeling after an active start of the day is wonderful and guarantees a good mood for the whole day. Furthermore, it is not too hot yet and the rest of the day can be filled with other activities.
  • Combine your visit at the outdoor pool with a training session. Why not run there? You’ll be rewarded a comfortable refreshment afterwards.
  • Active day trips: Go to places by bike and use this as an alternative base training.
  • Explore your holiday environment: There is nothing more exciting than training in a new running environment. Why not conduct your sightseeing while jogging for a change? Don’t forget your cell phone, in order for you to be able to take pictures and to have a map with you just in case.
  • Run along the beach: An awesome feeling that has to be taken advantage of when being on beach holidays. Why not try running with barefoot?
  • Swimming, Aquajogging and water gymnastics are good alternative forms of training for summer.
  • Replace your running session with a short strength session by the outdoor pool or at the beach. Use your own body weight and bring your Minibands (see photo above).
  • And most importantly: Have fun and enjoy summertime. We would like to see that in your pictures, too.

Photo campaign: #runthissummer

How do you train in summer? Do you execute any of the run-the-summer tips or can you come up with further ones?

No matter whether at home, far away, in a city, in the mountains or on the beach: capture your summer running moments and share them with us on

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The photo campaign lasts until 14 August 2016. We will be regularly re-posting the best photos on social media and later show them in a picture gallery. The winning photos are chosen by a jury and published by the end of August 2016.

And don’t forget: #runthissummer!

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