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For teachers – how can I use running.COACH optimally for my students
running.COACH for coaches
Use running.COACH free of charge for physical education
Optimal training for your target competition – How running.COACH prepares you for your competition
(Running) Training at older ages – what to consider with training while aging
The foot of a runner
Mountain running training – what do you have to consider when training with altitude changes?
Instructions and explanation of the running.COACH functions
The optimal cadence and stride length for runners
Treadmill training for runners

Use running.COACH free of charge for physical education

The closure of schools and educational institutions sometimes make it difficult to organize physical education at a distance. The running.COACH team would like to make its contribution to bring movement into the corona time despite the absence of lessons. The app offers pupils and students the possibility to create an individually adapted training program and[…]

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Instructions and explanation of the running.COACH functions

Table of contents: 1) Features and functions Basic settings – Creating the plan Connect your GPS watch Training guidelines Statistics Running calendar Race calculator Track running shoe kilometers Rehabilitation Plan Synchronization of the training plan via iCal with your personal calendar Correct recording of interval training App 2) FAQ about the functionality How do I[…]

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Treadmill training for runners

Treadmill running is ideal for interval training and to improve your technique. But for it to be effective, it needs a trick. And there are special treadmills for rehabilitation – on which the runners regularly shine with joy. Training on the treadmill has several advantages: Firstly, the performance is very well trackable. Heart rate, distance,[…]

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