viRACE – Information page for organizers

viRACE is an app that enables runners to take part in a running competition in real time without having to be physically present. On this page, we would like to describe the advantages viRACE brings to organizers.

What does viRACE offer the organizers?

The idea behind the app, developed in cooperation with Swiss Running, is to offer added value to organizers of cancelled or postponed races with viRACE. A detailed description of the functions can be found here.

  • viRACE can be offered as a consolation offer for the cancellation of the race.
  • Interest in the run can be maintained by offering a new kind of running experience.
  • Important sponsors can find their way to the runners digitally within the app (linking, virtual goodie bag, naming by informational voice during the run).

Get the App on iOS or Andriod

Of course, the app can also be used if the run did not have to be cancelled / postponed.

  • Additional attention on a desired date (as an advertising measure before the run).
  • Additional category for the race.

Registration interest and App-Test

Interested organizers are welcome to contact us to get details about the site that can be co-designed and to promote the app:

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