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How training fits the menstrual cycle

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Author: Sibylle Matter Brügger, MD, General Internal Medicine FMH, Sports Medicine SGSM, Deputy Head of Sports Medical Center Medbase Bern Zentrum. The former triathlon Olympian and winner of the Ironman Zurich is now Chief Medical Officer at Swiss Triathlon, as well as Association Doctor for Swiss Swimming and Swiss Cycling.     Until now, the menstrual cycle has played little role in training planning. Yet it could be put to good use to improve performance. Men have a daily best form, women a monthly best form. This is because the levels of the male sex hormone testosterone are significantly higher early in the morning than during the day, but they fluctuate only slightly over the course of a month. In women, on the other hand, the sex hormones rise and fall in the cycle of about 28 days. Estrogen and …

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