Training Secrets, Magic, and Tricks

Here it is, everything you have been dying to know on how to get to that next level of performance. The secret is… CONSISTENT TRAINING.

Sorry! The truth is there are no quick fixes, tricks, or magic but there seems to be no shortage of products and techniques that are claiming to be the next best thing. As an athlete and a coach there are some “things” that make me cringe. In general you should not add any “thing” to your running workout. No masks, weights, tires, wacky diets, or anything. The reason being, as your coach I would rather see you have a good workout. Each workout has a purpose- the pace, distance, recovery and timing in your training cycle is all highly thought out. For most of you the primary training goal is to optimize your running efficiency and improve aerobic capacity. By adding gimmicks you are limiting the effectiveness, changing the energy system you are using from what was targeted, and potentially reducing the training benefit all together. When you break it down, does limiting your breathing or reducing your mobility during a run actually sound like a good idea? Resistance is one thing, strength and cross training have its place, but impairing yourself is completely different.

Rant over. Focus on having good workouts week-after-week. There is no ONE workout that will break you through to the next level but you will have a break through after consistent work over a period of time.

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” – Tim Notke

Neff_KatyHalf16_WR_BillBaumeyerThis blog post was written by Calum Neff, canadian born running.COACH gold coach in the U.S., 2:22h marathoner and Guinness world record holder for the fastest half marathon pushing a stroller in 1:11:27. Are you interested in a personal running coach? Click here.

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