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Synchronize your running.COACH workouts with Garmin Connect and your Garmin Watch

Download your running.COACH trainings to your watch via Garmin Connect. Set up the function with just a few clicks and benefit from the fact that you can easily transfer the running.COACH training data to your Garmin watch using Garmin Connect.

This is how you set up the connection (ATTENTION: If you already have an existing connection to Garmin, you will need to disconnect and re-establish it so that the exchange can be approved in both directions):

1. Click on the clock symbol in the logged-in area

Setup Garmin Connect running.COACH


2. Click on the Garmin icon and then on the “Start” button

Setup Garmin Connect running.COACH


3. Log in to Garmin Connect in the open window and confirm the connections.

Setup Garmin Connect running.COACH


Make sure you have activated both synchronization modes (the first is for transferring training activities to running.COACH, the second is for uploading running.COACH trainings to Garmin Connect).


setup garmin Connect running.COACH


4. Transfer the workouts to Garmin Connect

setup garmin connect

The link can be found in the training description to the right of the calendar.


5. Synchronize your watch as you would during normal upload of workouts to Garmin Connect. You can find the workouts uploaded to the watch under “Training” -> “Training Calendar” on your Garmin watch.

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