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Use running.COACH free of charge for physical education

The closure of schools and educational institutions sometimes make it difficult to organize physical education at a distance. The running.COACH team would like to make its contribution to bring movement into the corona time despite the absence of lessons. The app offers pupils and students the possibility to create an individually adapted training program and lets teachers view the completed activities afterwards.

How does running.COACH work?

running.COACH is first and foremost a running app, which can be used to create an individual and tailor-made training program. When creating the program, current ability of the user is taken as a basis. The number of training sessions can be selected by the user and for each training session created, a reference to alternative sports is also created. The program is supplemented by training videos, where warm-up, stretching and strengthening exercises are illustrated.

The completed sports activities can be tracked with the running.COACH app and are then synchronized directly with the platform. The training sessions can also be automatically uploaded from various sports platforms (Garmin, Suunto, Strava, Polar, …) or manually noted as completed.

Coaching function for sports teachers

View (of the student) of the GPS file of a completed training including a comment from the coach.

A teacher can be given insight into the activities of their students. In addition to the easy viewing and adjustment of individual training, comments can also be written in the training. These comments can then be seen by the student for the respective training. We are convinced that the running.COACH app can make a good contribution to sports education at a distance.

What are the requirements to use the running.COACH App?

The running.COACH is suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced athletes. However, since the plans created were not developed for children, we would like to address our offer primarily to high schools and (technical) colleges.

All the students need is the running.COACH App (Apple Store, Play Store) or a GPS sports watch and internet access.

Interested? Then contact us!

If you are interested in using running.COACH for your school class / school / teaching institute free of charge, then please contact us as follows:

We will then accept you as a ‘coach’ and send you an access code for the students. When students sign up with the code, they will automatically be assigned as your ‘athletes’ and receive a free 3 month running.COACH Bronze subscription.

The administration of your athletes and students is done via the running.COACH coaching back end, which is described here.

Important: There is no charge for either the students or teachers. Even after the end of the campaign there are no costs. If the offer should not be used any more, everyone can delete their own account and data if desired.

PS: By the way, running.COACH is available in different languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Swedish, Russian

If you have any questions, please contact us via mail:

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