Affiliate insurance of running.COACH – discount on your running.COACH silver or gold subscription

Quevita AG, or rather the product running.COACH, is the first online fitness company to be certified by QualiCert according to the Online-Safe standard. In practice, this means that you can receive cost sharing for your silver or gold subscription, depending on your health insurance.

Qualicert is the largest auditing institute in Switzerland, which certifies people and offers from the health-promoting movement and training sector. Thanks to the certification, your health insurance will cover part of the costs of your Silver or Gold subscription.

What do I have to do to benefit from the cost sharing?

Check if your insurance is a partner insurance and if you meet the conditions for supplementary insurance.

The following health insurances are partner insurances:

Atupri, Helsana, KPT/CTP, Swica, Sympany, Groupe Mutuel.

Which supplementary insurance is required for cost sharing?
What type of subscription is covered?
What is the expected contribution?
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Silver and Gold Subscription: 3/6/12 months
50% - max. CHF 200.- (Level Reala). 50% - max. CHF 300.- (Level Extensa)
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Gold Subscription
max. CHF 600.- per calendar year
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Completa Praeventa / Optima
Silver and Gold Subscription: 3/6/12 months
Completa Praeventa: 50%, max. CHF 500.–  per calendar year  (max. CHF 300.- per type of service).  Optima: 90% of the costs not covered by Completa Praeventa up to a max. of CHF 300.-  per calendar year. In total, up to max. CHF 800.-  per calendar year
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General supplement / Private supplement / plus / plus natura / premium / premium natura / salto
Silver and Gold Subscription: 3/6/12 months
General supplement, plus, plus natura, salto: max. CHF 200.- per calendar year.  Private supplement, premium, premium natura: max. CHF 300.- per calendar year
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Groupe Mutuel
Silver and Gold Subscription: 3/6/12 months
50%, max. CHF 500.–

Renew or cancel your subscription online. In the logged-in area you can print out the subscription confirmation under ‘My subscription’ and send it to your insurance company. If you have any questions or uncertainties, please contact our support:

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