Photo campaign #RUNNINGFOOD

What do runners prefer to eat BEFORE, DURING and AFTER training? Show us your #RUNNINGFOOD, inspired by one another and win great prizes in our campaign. 

One thing is for sure: Those who run a lot need to eat accordingly and to refill their energy resources. A balanced and varied nutrition results in better performance, gives you a better body feeling and it simply improves your wellbeing.


Here are some tips, which can be taken into account when it comes to nutrition in the context of running training.


Just like you plan your training you can also plan your «eating week». Appointments (work, friends etc.) can be considered and the shopping can be planned in time.

Prepare freshly and by yourself 

There is nothing that beats fresh ingredients to prepare a delicious meal with – that way, you also know what is in it. If you cook a bit more, you can even take the leftovers to work on the following day.

Local and seasonal 

Look out for local and seasonal products. Every season offers a range of fruit and vegetables.

Start your day properly 

Eat breakfast -enough! That gives you energy for the day and keeps away the munchies.

Jazz it up 

Simple dishes can easily be jazzed up with herbs or spices. Cinnamon in your müesli, chives on your cheese sandwich, chilli in the tomato sauce. The more varied, the better.

Pack recovery snacks 

Those little hunger pangs keep knocking on your door from time to time. Be prepared and pack little snacks. A müesli bar, a piece of fruit or a bag of trail mix are ideal. Also work with your training plan and insert snacks before, while and after training.

Drinking bottle ahoy!

Dehydration reduces your capacity to perform – be it at work or when running. Thus, always carry a drinking bottle with you and put your drink somewhere where you can always see it. 1.5 to 2 liters are the minimum, if you train a lot, it may be more.

And this is how the photo campaign works 

No matter whether it’s vegetarian, vegan, glutenfree, paleo, low carb or just «normal» – we want to see what ends up in your plates and what gives you the power needed for running training.

Share your #Runningfood with us and post a photo on

Facebook: Tag @Running.Coach in your post on your profile and use the hashtag #run4goals

Instagram: Mention us in your post on your profile and use the hashtag #run4goals

Twitter: Direct your tweet at us @runningcoach_me and use the hashtag #run4goals

Or send us your photo/photos by e-mail:

You can win: 

1x Tomtom touch tracker, 1×6 months Bronze prescription, 1×3 months Bronze prescription, 1x minibands, 1x running.COACH shirt

The photo campaign lasts until 12 February 2017. Running.COACH will steadily be reposting the pictures on social media, show them in a gallery on Facebook and some ideas will even be included in a blog entry. The winning photos will be elected by a jury and the winners will be announced by the end of February 2017. 

And don’t forget: #run4goals and let’s get inspired by one another!

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