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Staying fit in times of the pandemic – training motivation

Author: Gabriel Lombriser
Runner, running expert, coach, running.COACH product manager Gabriel is an active runner himself and is outdoors whenever possible. As a former multi-sport athlete (triathlon, duathlon, gigathlon) he is not only running, but also often on cross-country skis or on his bike. Running is and remains his favorite endurance activity. Passing on know-how and passion for the sport is dear to his heart.

Many people are currently working from home or are unable to do work at all and spend a lot of time at home. The activity in your daily routine often disappears. Club workouts don’t happen and gyms are closed.

Opportunities to exercise with friends and like-minded people have drastically reduced. Often the appointments and routines (e.g. Tuesday evening at 6:00 is your club training, no matter what) and a simple commitment to sports is missing. Now more than ever, exercise in the fresh air is important! On the one hand to strengthen the body and build up the defenses. On the other hand, the mental component plays an important role. Exercise and fresh air help us to be balanced even in generally difficult times. During training you can find new ideas, positive thoughts and you are especially away from everyday life and social media.

The simplicity of running makes this sport so attractive.

Those who engage in endurance sports are lucky! Because endurance sports are mostly non-contact and it doesn’t require a team! The very best sport at the moment, as is often the case, is ‘running’! You can do it anywhere, it’s hardly weather dependent and it’s the most natural way to get around. The simplicity of running is what makes this sport so attractive. Put on your shoes and get out there!

Of course, all other outdoor endurance sports such as cross-country skiing, ski touring, cycling, rowing, inline skating, etc. are very attractive and suitable. But we are often bound to the season. Who wants to ride a bike in sub-zero temperatures?

Reasons to run:

  • Running is fun.
  • Running gives you passion to your life.
  • Running is easy. It can be done anywhere.
  • By running you improve how you feel.
  • Running keeps you healthy
  • Running is the easiest and most efficient sport to train the cardiovascular system. Cardiovascular diseases are still the number one cause of death in the western world. If you exercise regularly for at least 3 x 30 minutes per week, chances are good that you will live longer and that you will not be dependent on external help later in life.
  • Running improves your mental state. Running allows you to switch off and recharge your mental energy.

…because running is the most natural and beautiful movement of all.

We would like to give you a few tips on how to get fit / keep fit with running and especially how to keep your resolution for more exercise.

How to get (back) into running

There are some basic rules you should follow when you start running or resume running after a long absence. I would like to describe a few things you should pay attention to!

1.) What should I pay special attention to when I want to start running?

Running beginners are often over-motivated and there is often the danger of wanting too much. Especially those who want to start running for the first time, should attach importance to a careful build-up.

  • Do not go from 0 to 100. Start with a small amount of running. Then increase the training frequency. Only in the second and third step should you extend the distance and increase the pace. So beginners should try to run 3 x 20min first, before attempting 60min straight.
  • It cannot be stressed enough: Increase the running distances slowly! The maximum is an increase of 10% per week.
  • Try longer distances in combination with walking. For example, for a 60min session: 15′ walking, 15′ running, 15′ walking, 15′ running.
  • Proper equipment is important. Running shoes with advice from a sports retailer (if currently available) are a worthwhile investment. Depending on the surface of your own running terrain (asphalt, natural paths, trails), different running shoes are suitable.

The biggest danger lies in trying to do too much too fast. If you are a beginner runner, starting gently and increasing your training slowly is the most important advice we can give you. It’s like that African proverb: “Grass doesn’t grow faster if you pull on it”. It is also essential to make the training versatile and to train the whole body.

2.) Variety leads to success

Vary your running workouts, resp. excursions! Run in different terrains, for different lengths and at different intensities. This way you can challenge your body on different levels. It will adapt accordingly, which will benefit you in terms of fitness and even more running feeling!

The more diverse your personal abilities and current running level are, the more diverse a plan for the best training will be. For every level, whether beginner, advanced or running pro: In the training plans of running.COACH you will find the optimal mix of duration and intensity. If you don’t know running.COACH yet, create a free trial subscription and test the features and the training plans tailored for you. The beginner program offers you a clearly structured, gentle structure that introduces you to running. It is personal and dynamic – like every training plan from running.COACH. The explanations of all training units and also the tips on nutrition give you an optimal basis for a clean build-up.


running.COACH Training plan
The running.COACH training plan for an optimal start and training towards your personal goals.

3.) Complementary options for an optimal running experience

We know “running makes you happy.” If you’ve been running for a while, then you know how important the little things are in addition to just running: a good warmup, stretching, strengthening and also running technique exercises. Because: with more mobility, strength from the torso and a better running technique you will soon run even more economically and stay injury-free.

In running.COACH you get tips and vidoes for all training units for exercises to warm up, relax, strengthen and for running technique. This guarantees a successful start to your running career.

workout videos
running.COACH Running Videos Running Technique, Relaxation, Strengthening, Warmup

I hope you have a lot of fun and success with your running endevors! We are looking forward to hearing about your experience with running.COACH. If you want to share your experiences with us or have any questions, just contact us at

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