Assign uploaded training data to a specific workout / disconnect it from a workout

It can happen quickly. In the morning, you spontaneously cycle to work instead of taking public transport and record it on your watch – after all, you want to document the additional movement. At work, the additional training unit is then automatically loaded into running.COACH – but unfortunately assigned to the predefined interval training instead of being saved as an additional unit.

The running.COACH desktop version offers the possibility to separate training data from the training specification after the upload and thus assign it to another unit. See bellow how this works in two different examples.

Separating an Activity from a Planned Session

Initial situation: The workout (e.g. the above mentioned workout) is mistakenly added to the interval training and now prevents you from assigning your actual planned training to the interval…

How do I proceed?
Click on the incorrectly linked workout and then on “Edit + Info”. On the detail page you can then press the icon to separate the training data from the training.

edit training

Separate training

Your actual and planned run will be separated and displayed as two “workouts” – the scheduled workout and an “unscheduled” workout.

Assigning an Activity to a Specific Training

Initial situation: If for some reason the uploaded data was not added to the scheduled workout but uploaded as a separate “unscheduled” workout or if the above mentioned separation process should be undone, then this can be done as follows:

How do I proceed?

match Training

Click on the training data you want to assign to a scheduled session and then again on ‘Edit + Info’ and then on the ‘link’ symbol (see above). The free training sessions for the day in question, to which training data can be added, will be displayed. Select the desired training session and click OK. If you wish to assign the training data to a training session on another day, simply drag and drop them onto the desired day.

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