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Running in the Morning – Benefits and Motivational tips

When temperatures skyrocket in the summer, it affects training performance and motivation. The increased temperatures mean that the body has to expend a lot of energy to cool down its system. The result: increased heart rate at the same pace and “worse” running feeling. An obvious measure is to run early in the morning or in the evening to avoid the worst of the heat. Particularly running in the morning has some advantages.

Advantages of running in the morning

As mentioned in the introduction, running in the early morning is especially beneficial in the summer months. Temperatures drop during the night and reach their lowest point not just before, but after sunrise. The first rays of sunlight do not yet have the energy to counteract the further cooling of asphalt and other materials. So from a heat point of view there is no reason to start running before sunrise.

By the way, the same effect applies to the warmest part of the day. Even though solar radiation is highest around noon, record temperatures are measured later in the afternoon, after the sun’s rays have warmed up the streets and buildings.

Chance to run fasted
In the morning before breakfast, glycogen stores are usually no longer full. This means that physical activity quickly empties the remaining stores and switches from glycogen to fat burning, which in turn trains the fat metabolism – an important mosaic stone in endurance sports.

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Afterburn effect
Not only the running itself, but also the recovery afterwards needs energy. The respiration, the heart rate as well as the metabolism must be brought slowly again into the “normal condition”. How big this effect is and how long after the training energy is still used depends strongly on the type of training. The more intense and longer a run, the longer the afterburn effect lasts. As a rule of thumb, this effect increases the number of calories burned by another 7-14%.

There is also another effect: If you run before breakfast, the exercise takes the place of sugar as a pick-me-up. For breakfast, you then have correspondingly less “desire” for sweet / fatty foods.

Complete your exercise GOAL early and establish a routine
This effect is more to be classified on a mental level, but should therefore not be less valuable than the already listed points. If you run early, you have the advantage of being on the go all day with the feeling that you have already done something good for your body. In addition to the body, the mind is also shaken awake and the concentration for the upcoming tasks is thus demonstrably higher.

In addition, regular running in the morning is a clearly defined routine, since the time is usually fixed by the following program (for example, work). Routines have the advantage of facilitating regular running, as the habit is made a fixed part of the daily routine.

Running at a time relevant for competitions
Those who run regularly know that they often start in the morning. This is especially true for long distances such as marathons or half marathons. If you don’t wait long after getting up to start your training round, you can get your body used to running at an early hour.

Motivation tips to get out of bed for running

  • Do what runners like to do anyway: tell others about your workouts, or your morning runs. This creates a sense of commitment that can make getting up in the morning easier.
  • Make a date with running buddies. After all, you don’t back out on a running date.
  • Treat yourself to a very special breakfast after your run, which you can only eat on run days.
  • Set the alarm the night before, place it a few meters away from the bed under your running clothes. Once in your running clothes look for the alarm clock and you will definitely not want to go back to bed.
  • Create a playlist to start the day with the right sound on your favorite running route.

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