Beginner’s Guide to Running: Essential Do’s and Don’ts

Do you want to start running? Whatever drives you, there are some basic rules you should follow. Stick to the following Do’s and Don’ts and be ready to invest some time and patience, and a successful start in running is not far away. How to start running? – We provide answers based on four important questions.

1. Why does regular running make sense?

The question of motivation is the most important. If you see no reason to run, you won’t do it – at least not willingly. If you need more convincing, here are some reasons:

  • Running brings joy.
  • Running gives zest for life.
  • Running is simple. It can be done anywhere.
  • Running leads to a new body sensation.
  • Running keeps you healthy.
  • Running is the simplest and most efficient way to train the cardiovascular system. Regular movement for at least 3 x 30 minutes per week increases your chances of living longer and, above all, not depending on others in the future.
  • Running changes our minds. During running, you can switch off and gain new mental energy.
  • …because running is the most natural and beautiful movement of all.

2. What do I need to bring to run regularly?

If you are motivated and healthy, you basically need nothing more to start running. However, for a successful start, it’s beneficial to add a few other things to your motivation:

  • Patience and will. Although initial progress can be quick, no master in running falls from the sky.
  • Running is an eccentric sport. This means: In running, you take off and land, having to brake your body weight with every step. Therefore, the start should be cautious as the body needs to adapt to the joint stress.
  • Individually adapted running shoes. This minimizes the risk of an early overuse injury.
  • People to run with. It’s not a must, but it helps immensely to have a fixed appointment with friends, a running group, or a running club. This way, the inner lazy dog doesn’t stand a chance.

3. Do’s: What should I pay special attention to when starting to run?

Running beginners are often overmotivated, and there’s often a risk of wanting too much too soon. Especially those who are new to running should focus on a gentle buildup. Suitable footwear, strength training, and necessary rest phases are other crucial points for running long-term without complaints. So:

  • Don’t start from 0 to 100. Start with small running doses. Then first increase training frequency. Only in the second and third step should you extend the distance and increase the pace. Beginners should try to run 3 x 20min first before attempting 60min at a stretch.
  • It cannot be mentioned enough: Increase running volumes slowly! The maximum increase should be 10% per week.
  • Gradually get used to longer distances in combination with walking. For example, for a 60min session: 15′ walking, 15′ running, 15′ walking, 15′ running.
  • The right equipment is important. Running shoes with advice from a sports retailer and sports socks are worthwhile investments in your health.
  • Core stability and stable leg axis are the foundations for a gentle, efficient running style. Strength training should be part of running training from the start.

4. Don’ts: What should I definitely avoid?

The Don’ts derive from the Do’s. Repetition is the mother of wisdom – that’s why we emphasize the most important points once again. As a running beginner, definitely avoid…

  • a rapid increase in your running minutes and distance
  • running too fast too soon
  • running with too old or unsuitable footwear


The biggest danger lies in wanting too much too quickly. For running beginners, a careful start and slow training progression are the most important advice we can give you. It’s like this African proverb: Grass does not grow faster if you pull on it. It’s also essential to diversify your training and work out your entire body.

running.COACH can help you with all these points. The beginners’ program offers a clearly structured, gentle buildup that leads you to running. It’s personal and dynamic, like every training plan from running.COACH. Tips from professionals give you security. For each training session, you receive warm-up, stretching, running technique, or strength exercises for holistic movement. This guarantees a successful start in running.

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