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Running.COACH is constantly developing. All owners of a Garmin watch can now profit from a direct download of our trainings onto their watch. 

Up to know, the trainings could be transferred from the watches to running.COACH. This data is important for the analysis of the trainings done by running.COACH (dynamic updates). You can now even transfer planned sessions in the future directly to your watch by only a few clicks. You can find the download button in the detailed view of the training.

Tie your shoes, press the start button and go

You can see the pace and distance settings directly on your watch. If you are too fast or too slow, the watch tells you. The watch even lets you know when the interval is finished.

Download instructions

Put the trainings onto your Garmin watch: This is a step by step instruction for the transfer oft he training to the device. 

1. Save the ZIP file on your computer and extract it : You now get Fit files.


2. Connect the watch to your computer. As soon as the connection has been established, the device will be recognized as a USB drive.

3. Open the folder «Garmin» on that drive.

4. Search for the folder «NewFiles». Move your downloaded Fit file to this folder.

5. As soon as the file has been transferred, you can deconnect your Garmin device from the computer.

6. Switch on your Garmin watch now. The running.COACH training should now be displayed on your device under «trainings».

Note: As the storage of the watch is limited, we recommend you to only download new trainings on a weekly basis.

This post is also available in DE and FR.

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