running.COACH: Dynamic Updates

Our online training plan is now even more individual and dynamic: Here, we present you the most recent updates in running.COACH at one glance.

Rehab plan


The running.COACH training plan is now even more individual. If you are unable to conduct a session due to injury or illness and you have to cancel it, running.COACH now registers that. You are then presented a rehab plan, which considers the break from training. By the way, the plan also registers lows in motivation and mental/physical state. It is a necessary precondition, however, that you log your trainings correctly. Nevertheless, running.COACH does not change anything without your confirmation.

Automatic heart rate adjustments


The running.COACH analyses your trainings as well as your heart rate zones in training. Does your heart rate not coincide with the values you entered in the settings at the very beginning, the program suggests an adjusted heart rate setting. However, nothing will be changed without your approval.

Dynamic adjustment intervals and middle pace


In order to plan your training, the running.COACH considers your performances in your trainings. It analyses your trainig data from the key sessions (intervals and middle pace sessions). If you constantly run a bit faster than recommended over a longer period of time or if you always run a bit slower than the suggested pace, the program proposes the according adjustments. This ensures that you always train at the optimal pace for you. However, no changes will be made without your approval.

Are you not yet using the running.COACH? Try it out and register! If you enter the code RCFREE16 when entering, you can test running.COACH for free for 30 days.


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