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viRACE – incorporate virtual runs into your daily training

A virtual run is a great way to make your running training varied and exciting. Unlike conventional road runs, virtual runs allow you to determine the running time and the route yourself, so you can train anytime and anywhere. In this article, we will explain what virtual runs are and how to participate in them. We will also show how to incorporate virtual runs into everyday training to improve the running experience and increase motivation.

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What are virtual runs?

A virtual run is a running workout or race where you share a running experience with other community members either regardless of location or time (a set distance can be completed at any time).

What is viRACE?

viRACE is our platform for virtual runs. Around 160,000 runners have joined the viRACE community since spring 2020. Registration and participation in most events is free. During the run, you receive directly to your ears via the headphones entertaining and motivating announcements as well as interim results regarding your own run and that of your marked favourites. In addition, at each event you have the opportunity to expand your personal trophy collection with new awards.

These are the most important functions of viRACE:

  • Great entertainment during virtual runs and challenges (timing and tracking via app or GPS upload).
  • Connection to your Strava, Garmin, Polar, Apple Health, Wahoo or Fitbit account to easily participate in events with your GPS watch.
  • Different challenges: with free choice of routes or with predefined routes
  • Regular prize draws for virtual runs and challenges

How do I participate in virtual runs?

With viRACE, you can take part in numerous events either via the app (iOS / Android) or by (automatically) uploading GPS data. If you decide to use the app, you will receive information on the intermediate results and entertaining announcements via your headphones during the run, which can significantly enhance the running experience.

How do I incorporate virtual runs into my daily training routine?

There are several ways to incorporate virtual runs into your daily training routine. However, it is important that you don’t let the emerging feeling of being part of a running event push you into daily intensive training. You can also run a virtual race casually and just enjoy the fun it provides.

Tips for incorporating virtual runs into your daily training routine:

  • When using running.COACH, it makes sense to regularly perform so-called “test runs” in order to have a suitable indication of your current state of form in the settings. A virtual competition can serve as an incentive to tickle out a few more percent during the test runs. In addition, you are not dependent on time or place when it comes to performing the test run.
  • Use your training runs as a chance to win. At viRACE, for example, a run of the virtual running series “Run N’ Win” is held every Wednesday in cooperation with Migros. The concept is simple: run 5km and, with a bit of luck, win one of 10 Migros gift cards worth CHF 50 or one of the Special Prizes. Interesting prizes are also raffled off regularly on other occasions. The running time does not matter – every participation is counted as a chance to win.
  • Use virtual runs to keep motivation high. The entertaining announcements shorten the perceived running time and make even your longest training lap an experience.

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