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Alternative Training in Summer

A lot of sunshine, high temperatures and long days often make you want to move a training session to a shady place, close to a lake or on top of a mountain. We are going to show you what kind of alternative trainings that are especially suitable during this hot time of the year. They can well be integrated into a runner’s usual training plan, as well as they have a positive effect on performance.

Advantages of alternative training

  • In summer in particular, some alternative sports are especially suitable, as they can be executed more flexibly and also in the heat
  • Alternative forms of training bring variety into your training
  • Alternative stimulates different muscles and thus, has an additional training effect on your body
  • By doing more alternative training, you can increase your weekly training amount without increasing the risk for injury

How to realise it

Every running session from the training plan can be replaced with an alternative training, the duration for which will be calculated for you for each sport automatically.

Here is an example of the duration of sessions required for different sports in order to replace a 60min steady run

Here are some specific inputs:

On the bike

Each running training (steady run, long run, speed and intervals) can very well be replaced with a session on the bike (road bike and mountain bike) in our training schedule. Steady runs and long runs should be longer on the bike, intervals and medium pace sessions should take about the same amount of time as by foot.

Speed and interval training

20 to 30 minutes warm-up

3×10 minutes of medium intensity (break: 5 minutes) – keep the same pace for each interval

20 to 30 minutes cooldown


20 to 30 minutes warm-up

10×60″ uphill (break: 2 minutes) – feel free to vary the number of rotations (RPM)

20 to 30 minutes cooldown

Long sessions

Replace a 90min long run with 2.5 hours of biking – the duration of the session can be found directly in the plan. Or combine both sports: for example, 45min of running followed by a 75min bike session (the order can be switched).

In and on the water


A running session can not be replaced with a swimming session with the same effect. The sports and their forms of movement are too different from each other. However, this very difference makes swimming an ideal compensation to running. The whole musculature is trained, while the musculoskeletal system is discharged, you can counteract dysbalances and you minimise the risk of injury. A swimming session can well be used as an addition to or as a replacement for an endurance training. Provided that your technique is good enough.

Interval training

10min warm-up

10min technique exercises

12x25m sprint (break: 2minutes)

10min cooldown

Long sessions

A 90min long run can, for example, be replaced with a swimming session of 75min. If this is too long for you, you could even swim for 30 to 45 minutes and go for a 45min run afterwards (the order can be switched).

Aqua Jogging

Aqua jogging is suitable for recovery, in case of injury, or for very high temperatures. Aqua jogging is easy on your tendons and ligaments and is thus suitable as an additional training session (to running). Each training unit in the training schedule can be conductet 1 :1 in the water. Expect for intervals, where the «trot break» should be only half of the time, because of the water pressure.

Stand Up Paddling

Why not borrow a stand up paddling (SUP) board once and do an exciting training on the lake? It enhances endurance, coordination and stability all at once, which makes it a great training for your whole body. Especially deeper muscules are trained that way. The pace can be varied and you can get quite sweatty. However, refreshment is always possible with a quick jump into the water.

In the mountains

A hike is a good alternative to a long run and it also does something for your strength endurance. A possible option: two to three hours of Crescendo – start with a steady run intensity (possible when it’s uphill) and increase the pace gradually during the last 30-40 minutes. Generally, steady runs and long runs are especially suitable to be replaced with hikes. You can find the according indications in the running.COACH training plan under «walking».

On land

Replace your running session with a short strength session by the pool, on the beach or at a nice shady spot once in a while. Use your own body weight and bring your minibands (exercises with minibands). Such a session can always be done as an additional training session, too.

What alternative sports do you include in your training during this hot time of the year? We are curious!

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