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Gift Ideas for Runners

Whether it’s a birthday or Christmas, finding a suitable gift for a good friend or colleague is often a big challenge. We have collected some creative gift ideas that will make every runner’s heart flutter.

Running experience

Nothing stays in the memory longer than an experience. And if the gift is, for example, a starting place at an event, the receiver will be confronted with the gift almost daily in the run-up to the event. Combined with training sessions, this is surely one of the gifts that will leave the most lasting impression. Use our running calendar to find the right event.

Running inspiration

Providing someone with inspiration for an activity is an extremely personal gift. It could be a book about running, a collection of your favourite running blogs or a list of 10 wonderful running routes. There are no limits to imagination.


Training is one side of sport, regeneration is the other. Recovery measures are numerous and some of them are very suitable for a gift: a massage, a visit to the spa, additives for a relaxing bath, a massage gun or even a cookbook. Of course, all these items can be combined in a ‘regenerative package’.

Pasta or snacks for runners

Nutrition is a critical part of daily training. It influences both performance and regeneration capacity. You can never go wrong with homemade pasta for runners. The recipe is available here.

Or perhaps you would like some running-specific energy, such as a gel, bar or multivitamin. Homemade runner’s snacks such as bars, muesli mixes or well-packed energy balls also make a great gift.

Balance Board (DIY)

Running is fun when you can do it without pain. And to prevent injuries, stabilisation exercises are a good solution. If you own a Balance Board, you are in luck. With a little skill, you can make one yourself and it is a perfect gift for any runner. Instructions on how to build a balance board are available here.

Running accessories

Perhaps not as creative and personal, but no less popular with runners, are running gadgets and accessories. Ideas range from headphones, sunglasses, headlamps and gym bands to energy gels and sports drinks. For a more important gift, a GPS watch is sure to be much appreciated! All these accessories are available in any sports shop.

Training plan

But if you want to play it safe, give a voucher for the online training plan running.COACH 😉 A perfect gift for anyone who likes to structure their training. Contact us at to arrange the gift vouchers.

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