Training periodisation – how to build your top form

Training periodisation is an important factor in varying the training load and making progress through the different stimuli. Whether your goal is to stay healthy or to achieve a new personal best, a periodised training plan will help you get one step closer to your goal. But what does the term “periodisation” actually mean and how is it incorporated into training?

What is training periodisation?

Training periodisation is the process of dividing training into specific micro, meso and macro cycles of endurance, intensity and recovery. This type of training planning not only helps experienced runners, but also benefits novice runners.

This works so well because it optimises adaptation to the training load. Progress is made when the body is exposed to a stimulus and then recovers. A periodised training schedule optimises this process by perfectly balancing intense training and recovery.

Periodisation typically includes phases of basic endurance, strength and speed training, as well as competition preparation and recovery phases, which are combined in a long-term, structured training plan to achieve optimal performance.

Macro-cycle, meso-cycle, micro-cycle

In periodised training, time is divided into “cycles”. The macro-cycle usually corresponds to the entire season and includes all phases of periodisation. Macro-cycles are divided into meso-cycles, which at running.COACH usually last 3-4 weeks and relate to a specific training block of the season. These are in turn divided into micro-cycles, which last about a week. Meso-cycles usually consist of 3 micro-cycles in which the intensity and training volume are gradually increased, and one micro-cycle in which the load is drastically reduced.

Periodisation with running.COACH

The duration of the macro-cycle as well as the start and end point of the periodisation are automatically calculated by running.COACH based on the set goals! However, as it is impossible to perform such demanding training more than twice a year, the number of target races is limited to two per season.

Periodisation is automatically integrated after calculating the plan and includes increases in training volume, intensity, specific work on the form immediately before the competition as well as recovery afterwards – all tailored to your personal goal.

running.COACH is also dynamic and adaptive: at any time you can add new races, change training days or insert training breaks. The plan adapts to the training progress and guarantees the best training mix.

And note: training periodisation helps stimulate the body with different inputs. This stimulation is the basis for training progress – for both novice and experienced runners.

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